A Splashback for All the Difference Every Kitchen Needs

That panel behind a cooker or the sink that protects your wall against splashes of oil and cooking residue is a splashback. If your kitchen is plain, putting one is an elegant way to put some colour and life into this particular room. Because of the different materials available, kitchen splashbacks have many possibilities in interior designing. The trends are focusing now on kitchens, and the focal point isn’t the bench top, but a splashback for that wow factor. Experienced professionals in spashbacks Penrith, NSW has today guarantee you a finished splashback look that you want.

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Types of Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks are genius creations and are very much-needed in every kitchen. They add an aesthetic punch, making kitchens charming by adding a breath of life. With the precious time set aside for preparing food, all kitchens and houses deserve a beautiful splashback. Here are great choices in spashbacks in Penrith available to customers with unique tastes based on the materials they’re made of:

* Glass – gives a modern and sleek look because it’s fitted in seamless panels. Choose tempered glass with polished edges over ordinary glass. Because they’re harder, they’re less likely to get scratches. You may have artwork on its back, too. Easy to clean and easier to install it comes with the choice of gluing it or having it screwed on the wall. Glass splashbacks are cheaper now.

* Tiles – a popular choice, great for bringing in texture, colour and interest; the tiles spashbacks Penrith has now give you versatility and practicality. Tiles are resistant to scratches. They’re cheaper compared to glass, and they’re easy to install. Get a natural look in your kitchen with tile splashbacks. Tiles can get made to look like wood, concrete and even marble. In case they get chipped, they’re easy to replace.

Stainless Steel – for an industrial look to your kitchen, try a stainless steel splashback. Glue or screw can fix it directly on the wall. Only needing warm water and an e-cloth to clean it, easy maintenance is a stainless steel splashback’s greatest trait. Heat-resistant and durable, it’s also affordable.

Laminex – also affordable, it comes in many colours and finishes, giving it the versatility to look like real wood or stone. Water-resistant and easy to clean, a laminex splashback is also durable.

Stone – Penrith spashbacks designers and manufacturers also favor tough and nonporous stone splashbacks because they’re resistant to heat and scratches. Highly suggested is the same stone material get used in counter tops for lower costs. To clean it, you just need warm and soapy water. Stone splashbacks come in different colours and can get installed with few or no seams. Rendering your kitchen a unique look, choose shiny polished stone for country-style kitchens. If you’ve got a contemporary kitchen, choose honed stone splashback for that matte finish.

The best spashbacks Penrith has today got designed and get installed by Above and Beyond Interiors. Installation of a splashback is from $300 – $1300, but great spashbacks Penrith has today fit any budget. For a free quote, check details in http://ab-interiors.com.au/.