How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Work?

Carpets are magnificently wonderful on the feet. Besides that, they can perfectly complement the décor in your home and keep the occupants warm during winter. Nevertheless, an unattended carpet can turn out to be a disaster. This will happen if you fail to clean your carpet properly. Your usual weekly vacuuming is okay but it’s not enough. Your carpet needs professional cleaning to get rid of all the invisible and deeply embedded dirt. There are many experts in professional carpet cleaning in Blue Mountains whose services you can hire. By hiring a professional carpet cleaning service at least twice a year, you can be rest assured of having a non-hazardous carpet. So what do professional carpet cleaners do to make sure that your carpet is restored back to its perfect state? Here’s is how they work.

Preparation of the room

Professional carpet cleaners will value your belongings. As such, they will make sure that anything that can be damaged by water or chemicals is removed from the room. Reputable carpet cleaners will not charge you for moving furniture while cleaning. They are also less likely to ask for your help while moving the items because they have enough hands to do it. All you have to do, as a personal measure, is to move the fragile and valuable items such as the safe box and vases.


Competent carpet cleaners will first inspect your carpet before they start working on it. Essentially, inspection is done to identify the types of stains and spots on the carpet, the type of fiber that the carpet is made from and the areas that require more attention such as the high traffic areas. Inspection will help the cleaners to determine the best methods and chemicals to use on your carpet.

Pre-spot treatment and pre-vacuuming

Pre-vacuuming is sometimes necessary to lessen the amount of dirt trapped in the carpet fibers. Doorways, hallways, around furniture edges and other high traffic areas will particularly need to be pre-vacuumed. Spot may also need to be pre-treated to ensure maximum stain removal when the cleaning starts.


As you walk on the carpet you press and compact the dirt in the carpet. This is the reason why your normal vacuuming is not reliable – because it cannot remove this kind of dirt. Professionals of carpet cleaning in Blue Mountains are well aware of this fact and that’s why they do pre-agitation as part of their cleaning process. Agitation, which is normally done using a rotary brush, loosens the dirt making it easier to remove.

Extraction, sanitization and deodorization

The most common extraction method for deep carpet cleaning in Blue Mountains is hot water extraction. In this method a floor wand shoots pressurized mixture of hot water and cleaning solutions into the carpet which is immediately vacuumed back together with the dirt. This prevents the carpet from getting soaked wet. Professionals will also use antimicrobial agents to kill yeast, mildew, mold and other microbes in the carpet. Most odors emanating from a carpet come from mold and mildew. By applying anti-microbial treatments, the odors will significantly reduce. Your carpet cleaners may use a carpet perfume although it will only have a temporary effect.