How to Spray Paint Your BMW for a Professional Look

Spray painting your BMW car can make a great deal of difference in restoring the brand new factory look to your vehicle. It is one of the best ways to realize an awesome paint job on your vehicle. BMW cars are made to exacting standards. When it comes to the spray painting of your vehicle, it is important to go to a BMW spray paint center that adheres to the same standards in order to deliver the same quality paint job on your vehicle.

There are plenty of techniques that a professional BMW spray paint center can use on your vehicle. Look for a BMW or Audi service centre that adheres to the best practices when it comes to the painting of your vehicle.  This will ensure that the job is done right the first time. It also means that you will not be pouring too much money down the drain on a substandard job. Here are some of the key tips or best practices to look out for:

Removing or Taping in Order to Avoid the Paint Overspray

In order to ensure that there is no paint overspray in some of the vehicle parts, these parts may need to be removed or taped off when painting the vehicle. There are painter’s grade masking tapes that should be used in masking off those areas where you do wish to have the paint spill to.

Surface Preparation is Key

Before the actual painting process begins, it is important to have a thorough surface preparation on the body of the vehicle. Sandpapers are typically very effective in the surface preparation of the vehicle body surface. In order to smooth out some of the scratches and imperfections on the vehicle, it is advisable to use a low grit sandpaper like the 80 grit or the 300 grit sandpaper pieces. There are great wet sanding techniques which are generally practiced with the 1000 or higher grit sandpapers in order to achieve several degrees of smoothness as part of the surface preparation. If your BMW spray paint center spends a considerable amount of time in the surface preparation, you can generally look forward to better quality paint job that will be as close to the factory finish as possible.

Add Several Light Layers of Coats Instead of a Single Heavy Layer

If you go to an inexperienced BMW spray paint center, the painters may apply a single coat or paint the vehicle too quickly which leads to very poor results. This not only leads to the run ons but it may also cause paint build in your vehicle. The right way to do it is by adding several light layers of slow but even strokes over time.

Not rushing between the coats

This is another best practice when it comes to the painting of your BMR cars. After adding a coat on the BMW surface or body, it is advisable to allow the codes sufficient time to settle before applying the subsequent coats. It is generally advisable to wait between 15-20 minutes before applying the next coat. When applying the primer, then it is recommended that you wait 24 hours before adding a base coat or even an enamel based coat of paint.

Make sure you read the BMW service center reviews or Audi service center reviews before deciding on the best spray paint center that will handle your paint job with expertise and professionalism. A reliable BMW service centre in Melbourne where you can best quality paint jobs on your vehicles is Active Motorwerke. With over 25 years of experience in vehicle restoration, the service is able to deliver stellar service in restoring your vehicle to its original form after collision damage.