Preventive Maintenance on Asphalt Paving

Asphalt surfaces are meant to be tough, flexible and durable. They hold a superior advantage over other paving materials. However, even the best laid and best-maintained asphalt driveways Melbourne has today will not escape the inconsistency of weather over time. When making pavements, it is also important to consider the factors that will not cause the degradation of the pavements.

Commercial asphalt services can generally offer professional guidance on the best preventive maintenance techniques that will guarantee you long term results and you also need to know what the right options are. Preventive maintenance for asphalt driveways Melbourne has today are generally unique to the job and the condition. One kind of maintenance for a certain surface may not be suited for other surfaces. The pavement surfaces generally face diverse deficiencies over time too, ranging from surface cracking to the raveling of the surface. You will need to carry out asphalt maintenance and repairs in order to protect it from various problems such as penetration of water to the base of the asphalt, fissures, cracks, or even the oxidation of the upper surface of the asphalt. These maintenance steps are generally going to add a few more years to surfaces and are cost-effective ways to ensure your surfaces are in tip-top shape.

Have a Management Schedule in Place

Instead of being reactive about it, it is important to have a proactive pavement maintenance program in place.  These can include routine services such as crack sealing and crack filling in order to prevent simple issues from getting worse and costing you more in the future.

Crack Filling

There is a lot that is involved in the crack filling. The commercial Asphalt Melbourne offers will be blowing out the cracks, cleaning them and then applying a crack filler material. The techniques are generally called the “blow and go” technique. When it is done well, it will stop the infiltration of water to the base through the cracks on the concrete and thus prevent your pavements from further weakening through water seepage. The technique is best applied on wider type cracks. There is a variety of materials which can be used in crack filling such as asphalt cement, asphalt emulsions or the polymer-modified emulsions. Fiberized asphalt is also used in this process.

Once crack filling is performed, the measure can last up to 3 years before you need to re-do it once more. It is a lower-cost and effective maintenance measure if you are looking for a shorter term and cost-effective stop-gap measure to prevent further deterioration of asphalt surfaces.

Routine Sealing Work

Even relatively new asphalt driveways Melbourne has today are not perfect. They may still be permeable and you will need routine resealing and re-layering of the surfaces in order to maintain them in the best shape. They can crack, deteriorate from exposure to UV amongst other issues. It will this need to be sealed from time to time just like the other surfaces in order to prevent effects such as fading and offer it maximum protection from the elements. Taking these actions will preserve it better and lengthen its lifespan. It also means that you do not have to deal with extra asphalt driveway Melbourne cost when you have to undertake major repaving work on worn out surfaces. Sealing should be done at least once every 5 years by a specialized contractor who works with acceptable quality standards.